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Get From Moalboal to Cebu City

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Bus from Moalboal to Cebu City | On Airplane Mode

Transport between Moalboal and Cebu City is quite simple! You can rent a private car which we were offered at the price of 400 pesos per person (~$8 USD). This actually isn't a bad deal if you are in more of a time crunch and want a quick way of getting between places. However, if you have a little more time to play with, and you are looking for budget travel we always recommend taking the local route/ transportation aka the bus:

If you are staying at Pangsaman beach and are trying to get to Cebu City, you’ll need to take a tricycle to the main road bus stop. Tricycles shouldn’t cost more than 50 pesos per person ($0.99 USD this is probably because Moalboal is more of a tourist area). Tell the tricycle drivers you’re going to the bus station for Cebu City.

About 5-10 minutes up the road, you will be dropped off in front of 4 rows of yellow plastic chairs outside. This is your bus station. The buses for Cebu come every 30 minutes so it’s pretty frequent and to pass the time they have a pharmacy or bakeries around to grab a quick snack or drink if needed.

A big yellow bus will pull up in front of the yellow chairs. Keep in mind these buses are nothing fancy and probably without A/C. Also, you’re taking the locals route so you’ll likely be one of the only foreigners on this bus. Our bus was extremely full and there was only standing room left, but we were determined to get to Cebu and not wait another half hour so we squeezed on the bus and waited for an empty chair.

The bus attendant will come by so just let him know you’re going to Cebu City and he will clip you a ticket at the speed of light with his little hole puncher. I’m not sure how these attendants keep track of all these people and all their money, it’s super impressive *brain cramp*

The ticket will cost you 127 pesos (~$2.50 USD) and the ride should take about 4 hours.

Be sure to check your ticket to make sure you’re getting the correct change. (We once had an attendant try to over charge us thinking we wouldn't read the ticket so just make sure you are reading the ticket right)

Moalboal to Cebu by bus: Tricycle to Bus stop 50 pesos per person Bus to Cebu City 127 pesos per person Total: 177 pesos per person (~$3.50 USD)

Taking the Bus from Moalboal to Cebu City | On Airplane Mode

How to read the tickets:

There will be hole punches at the top section. Starting from the left the first hole indicates the first number you’ll owe... the second hole (to the right) will indicate the second number in the price and same with the third hole punch (further to the right)

Example Picture: -The hole in the top left is covering a 1 -The second hole punch is on number 2 -And the third hole punch is on the number 7 This tickets is reading that you owe 127 pesos

Around 3-4 hours later you will arrive in Cebu City at the South Bus terminal. From here they have options to take a proper taxi, a tricycle, or a Jeepney to your next destination. We stayed in the area of San Antonio at Red Doorz Plus it was a really nice hotel we definitely recommend it! Use our referral code here to book your next stay.

Taking the Bus from Moalboal to Cebu City | On Airplane Mode

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