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Be Enchanted.

Myanmar was our first real backpacking country when we started this trip back in April. We didn't know what to expect and didn't know anyone that has really gone, but decided to wing it. All we knew about Myanmar was that there are amazing, architecturally stunning temples that we have to go see. We ended up staying an entire month in Myanmar exploring the top to the bottom among which we found not only those magical temples, but cool cities and some of the kindest and genuine locals we've ever met. Myanmar is relatively new to tourism, opening its doors in 2013. You could say Myanmar is the Cuba of Southeast Asia in the sense that it still holds their traditions and cultures and is practically untouched by tourism. 

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About Kirstie and Christine

Hi there! We are Christine and Kirstie an LGBT couple from the United States! We hope that by following our passion in seeing the world, that we can help other travelers and the LGBT community to find their love for adventure too! 

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