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A Day on Cijin Island | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

A Day at Cijin Beach, Kaohsiung | On Airplane Mode

Cijin Island is the perfect little day trip away from the bustling city life of Kaohsiung. Located right next to the Pier 2 Art center you can easily take the subway lines to get to the ferry entrance. The ferries run quite often and only cost 30 NT per person ($1 USD) being that it takes 5 minutes to reach Cijin. Once you get off the ferry and cross the street, you will be welcomed to street food carts guiding you all the way to the beach.

Street Food

We got off the ferry and crossed the street immediately making contact with the rows of street food carts. The carts are lined up on both sides of the street from the ferry terminal to the edge of the beach.

Don't forget to try the oyster pancakes, quail eggs, pork buns, and ice desserts! You have many other choices to choose from but these were definitely our favorites.

Cijin Beach

It has always been on our list to have a day at a black sand beach. One of the most popular ones is in Bali so we thought we would have to wait until we reached Indonesia to see one. To our surprise, Cijin Beach is actually a dark grey/black sand beach and perfect for photos and drone work! The beach is not crowded but you will see a few surfers in the water during sunset.

We found that a lot of Asian culture are not fond of tanned skin. You've probably seen a lot of umbrellas out even when it's not raining, and almost all sunblock has a whitening cream. This was the same case here in Cijin Beach. Besides for a few local surfers, this left the beach feeling rather empty actually!

Rainbow Church in Taiwan | On Airplane Mode

Rainbow Church

On the far side of Cijin Beach, you might see a small queue of people all waiting by this rainbow "church". To us it looked more like an arch, but still beautiful, nonetheless. Right next to the rainbow church are a few other geometrical pictures and great for those instagrammable photos.

At sunset you can get a perfect silhouette among these art pieces, and watch the sky melt into different colors on your walk back to the ferry. Make sure you go a little before sunset

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A Day on Cijin Island | On Airplane Mode

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