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We are Kirstie and Christine, an award-winning multicultural LGBTQ+ couple using our platform and production comany On Airplane Mode to inspire others to follow their passions all while celebrating who they are and who they love! We started our platform from the ground up to empower women and the LGBTQ+ community to have their voices heard. In under two years, we are proud to have built an engaging and loyal following of half a million, success across multiple social media platforms, and recognized across multiple media outlets.


Christine and I first began our passion for photography in 2019 when we moved across the world to travel South East Asia. We wanted to document our journey so we used a $15 tripod and our iPhone to capture our trip. As we found more of a passion towards creative photos and videos, we noticed more people, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, began to reach out to us asking for advice on how to travel. We realized very early on that we wanted to create a platform to continue helping people explore their sense of adventure without fear while truly celebtating their individuality.

We love having the ability to use our platform to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest. Thank you for following along our journey! Please subscribe for future journal posts, travel tips, and more! Christine and I will continue scaling our platform across all verticals with the intention of raising awareness for LGBTQ+ and marginalized communities. We will work with. It is both of our mission to continue normalizing queer love through being representation across all media. 




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