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The Philippines

It's More Fun in the PH.

The Philippines is truly one of a kind. With 7,641 islands, this country is enough to fill your heart with beauty for a lifetime. We spent over a month in a half in The

Philippines and it simply wasn't enough. The archipelagic country has some of the most beautiful landscape we have ever seen. From volcano hiking to some the best diving spots there is something for everyone here. The island is rich with culture and an amazing time that steals your heart.

From the beautiful islands, to the generosity of its people The Philippines is a must add to your bucket list travels. 

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Our Blogs of The Philippines

About Kirstie and Christine

Hi there! We are Christine and Kirstie an LGBT couple from the United States! We hope that by following our passion in seeing the world, that we can help other travelers and the LGBT community to find their love for adventure too! 

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