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The heart of On Airplane Mode stems from content creation and social media. We started our platform from the ground up to inspire others to follow their passions no matter who they are or who they love. We have worked with brands and destinations around the world to raise awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.



Content Creation

We create and curate high-quality content for brand usage on their social channels, marketing collateral and advertisements.

Experiential Activations

We cover experiences such as events, conferences, panels, openings, screenings and more. We can share these activations across our social channels.

Custom Video Series

Our custom video production puts your brand in the spotlight and increases your ROI through use of video assets.

Paid Media

We leverage our social platforms for product integrations and drive awareness to brands through our storytelling and audience. 

Product Placement

Providing high-quality integration and exposure of products for brands through our content creation and social media platforms. 

Press Trips

We partner with destinations to successfully execute trips that educate their audiences and drive awareness to future tourism.

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On Airplane Mode was originally started as a travel platform for women and the LGBTQ+ community to reference and aspire to when booking their own travels.


We want to continue building  On Airplane Mode into being a globally recognized platform that helps raise awareness towards LGBTQ+ hardships and struggles within travel. We want to not only be known for our travel content, but also how our travel expertise and consultancies are actively challenging hospitality to become more inclusive for our community.

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While On Airplane Mode started as predominately a travel brand, we have expanded our content more into fashion & lifestyle to showcase the clothes, skincare, and beauty products you can use on the go.



We would love to not only continue expanding our platform via social media and content, but also through model shoots, media campaigns, red carpet appearances, runway shows, events and more.


We specialize in high-quality LGBTQ+ content that is raising awareness and acceptance for our community. It is our personal mission to work with brands, clients, and tourism boards to continue bringing diverse representation for queer love.



On Airplane Mode has been featured across multiple different media outlets such as book features, magazine spreads, online publications/articles, and nominated three years consecutively as Influencer of the Year for the Gay Travel Awards - winning the award in 2020.


We are expanding our brand more into entertainment and media through tv, originals, podcasts, events, and more.


We have enjoyed working with countless incredible partners and clients across all verticals. Request our media kit below to see more campaigns we have worked on!

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