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Our idea for The Purple Diaries was inspired while we were traveling and were approached by LGBT people world wide on how to do it and what to expect. Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in someone's life, however, traveling as LGBTQ+ there are things to be aware of. It is still illegal in over 170 countries to be gay and many pose strict laws against us. While we want to encourage the LGBTQ community to follow their passion for adventure, we also want to advise and educate to keep people safe while they do so. 

Find purple excerpts at the bottom of each blog posts for Purple Diary entries. 


In this day and age there is a lot of sexism, discrimination, and violence world wide based upon ones sexuality. It can cause a lot of anxious energy when you're traveling as LGBT+. This is especially in countries where religion heavily influences the culture and community. Sometimes we too, as a lesbian couple, get nervous about being offensive or unwelcome. It is even worse feeling negative attention brought to us just because of our sexuality or relationship.


We absolutely love traveling together as a couple, so while we do our research about every place, we still attempt to go and experience what it's like first-hand. We bought one way tickets and started our open ended trip to South East Asia in April 2019.

Early on, we were approached by many same-sex couples via social media asking travel questions and whether its safe or not for gays in certain countries. It didn't take long to notice there aren't many guides or resources of what it's like to travel as an LGBT couple. We decided to create a blog not only sharing our travel guides and tips, but we especially wanted to share what we felt doing this as an openly lesbian couple.

We originally started this blog to share our experiences while traveling. However, it has become a priority to use our platform to inspire others in the LGBT+ community to chase their dreams of traveling as well. This world can sometimes be a scary place, but with a little shared love, open hearts, and open arms we can create a community where the fear of traveling LGBT won't be as worrisome. We also hope that spreading awareness also spreads love, and that eventually we can make the same progresses Victor H. Green was looking for.

Look for the purple excerpts at the bottom of all our posts and especially in the "Ultimate Guide" sections to find more information on our personal experiences and opinions on each country in the eyes of the LGBT community.

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