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We are Kirstie and Christine! We are an LGBTQ+ couple from New York City who left our day jobs and left for backpacking around the world. Our adventures have taken us from the streets of Southeast Asia, to beer festivals in Germany, and the deserts in Rajasthan. We are sharing our adventures through beautiful content on our Instagram @onairplanemode__ to inspire our followers to find their passion for traveling, all while celebrating who they are and whom they love. 


Media Kit

For more information on our audience demographics, web statistics and more, please ask us for our media kit. 

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We can be found across all popular social media platforms. To see more of our content find us online!

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Why Partner with us

We have a creative eye to captivate and tell a powerful story about our relationship and our lifestyle. We're creating high-quality, inspiring content for our audience and connecting them with brands we believe in and trust. Our mission is to make successful campaigns by reaching highly-targeted audiences that align with their products.

Unique Position. Kirstie & Christine have a unique influencer story. We are two women. We are in a same-sex relationship. We are in a multicultural relationship. We are engaging and transparent with our followers. We are bold, diverse, and tell a story that is real and relatable


Brand Awareness. We're able to make our followers more aware of brands and bring the brand into their daily life. Social media is a huge part of our routine now and days so it is very important to specialize in brand awareness through these platforms. We offer brands ways to authentically message consumers. On Airplane Mode will spread brand awareness and improve brand perception on a much larger scale while keeping consumers engaged.


Brand Affinity/Trust. We partner with brands that have a mutual alignment with our interests and values. Our followers are engaging and loyal. We want to make sure we are collaborating with brands we truly believe in while staying true to On Airplane Mode. Brand relevance, trust, and affinity is so important to us when we are communicating with our audience. Our audience trusts us. 

Diversity. There is an untapped audience that is worth engaging with and should be recognized among brands. The LGBT community has a massive buying power and we want to see more diverse marketing. It is key to us to feel like the brand is representing who we are and has a genuine connection. We are also multicultural. Christine is Mexican American, Chinese and Peruvian and we are aiming to provide the support and voice you need for the LGBT and multicultural community. 

Quality. We create moving and innovative content while integrating your product. Quality content is our most esteemed factor. We are tailoring our messaging in a way that is authentic and true to the brand and ours. We keep up to date with the latest technology and make sure our equipment is up to speed when it comes to editing, photography and filiming.

Partnership Offerings

We offer a range of different  partnerships including but not limited to the following:

● Sponsored Content on Social Media (i.e. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook)

● Brand Ambassadorship and Media Collaborations

● Press Trips regarding tourism and destination campaigns

● Guest Interviews

● Podcasts

● Content Creation in photography, videography, and/or writing

● Reviews

● Social Media Marketing

● Drone Footage (4k Photography and Film)

● Event Coverage

● Wrap- Up Report (end of campaign)

● Freelance Writing

● Blog Post on our Website

We are open to exploring different and new opportunities. Please feel free to email us directly at to discuss how we can collaborate together. 

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